Our Past Events

Shifting Gears


Shifting Gears which allows you to change yourself, be open to bigger and better opportunities, detach from situations and learn from those instances which make you a better version of yourself. Your goals cannot be achieved overnight, you need to go through different incremental phases, as change is a gradual process and it requires determination and discipline to follow through. While driving a car you cannot directly jump from 1st to 5th gear, you always need to follow incremental stages. Similarly, when you’re comfortable with the second gear you don’t really know what the 3rd gear holds for you unless you push it to the 3rd. You will never reach the pinnacle of your strength unless you are willing to take risks and accept challenges along with making continuous changes.



The world is advancing towards an age driven by technology, the age where computer algorithms have started dictating humans and controlling their emotions too. It is proven by different activities conducted by many scientific organizations which have left no stone unturned in order to allow machines incorporate human like reflexes while making decisions. Many new ideas find resemblances with similar concepts working well for different areas in the circle of development. This is not just related to Technology, Arts and Culture too find similar resemblances. The occasion is to rediscover ideas which had an impact on the society allowing each and every one to adapt change, Ideas which laid the foundation to further iterations which have evolved to suit the changing dynamics of the world at large. Or to those which were static and laid foundations for people to believe in change.

Illogically Logical


In a time when our nation is facing some of the most pressing issues like poor education, limited opportunity for the youth in the youngest democracy in the world, religious violence and safety issues coupled with a new change in government after more than a decade, there is immense need of inspiration and further ideation. At this time of difficult decisions we have pushed back and stopped daring. How many times do we regret saying no due to the fear of failure and then realize it could have been the next best thing? How often do we imagine, what we could have done? The most innovative, naïve and risky ideas seem rather illogical to us at the start. The greatest movements, technologies and innovations of our nation started out with the smallest thoughts that ran through the mind of the one person who invested in it and saw it to realization.

Presents for the Present


Presents for the Present shall encompass all those ideas that we need in today's world to make our 'now' better and more fruitful. Be it small acts of spreading kindness or certain environmental considerations,it is our present deeds that will culminate into our future. Acts performed now will impact the future but it is important that we do not sacrifice our present for the sake of unseen future. At our event we wish to talk about all those ideas that not only will have future considerations but will make our present also rich and worthwhile. The theme aims to bridge the gap between legislating for the future and acting in the present making our 'today' a present(gift) for the present.

The Unbouned Paranoma


The world can be thought of as a canvas to be painted with pixels of ideas. As Engineers, we can splash this canvas with our palette of imagination and innovation. Our goal with this theme is to make the audience aware with the endless possibilities that exist, the benefits breaking stereotypes can reap, and how plunging into opportunities can make a difference. ‘The Unbounded Panorama' is to persuade all of us to not fret about fetters. It encourages to stretch existing boundaries and break new ground. Be it Technology, Entertainment or Design, our Theme is to challenge all norms and bring out the opus of the stimulated who envision the Unthinkable.

Date & Time

April 10, 2022
4 PM to 6 PM



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